Brand Focus: Yves Rocher

yves rocher brand focus

There´s one brand I grew up with and that´s Yves Rocher. There´s a local shop in my city where the girls that run it have seen my grow. That´s how many times I´ve been there, imagine..

I love Yves Rocher for many reasons, their shower stuff smells amazing, and in general their products are so budget friendly it´d be rude not to give them a go. Now talking skincare, I used to rely in their acne prone range when I was a teen that knew nothing about formulas whatsoever (mostly like I am now only with a bit more of knowledge on oils) and then lost interest in them. A few years ago they started upgrading their products, revamping their image and I fell back in love. You know if you´ve been following this blog for a while I love their deodorants (best ones in the world) specially the Lotus Flower scented one. Like I should probably build a monument for it. Among the new things they launched, my two favourites are the Hydra Vegetal Scrub and the Chamomile Micellar Oil. I recommend them to everyone any time I have the opportunity and that micellar oil has become my favourite product ever. Love their body stuff, love their face stuff, and still getting my way though their haircare stuff. I am very very very picky with my hair (nothing new here) so it´s difficult for me to like something. And honestly, for me, Yves Rocher would not be the brand I´d look for if I wanted a shampoo or conditioner. I´ve tried a few of their shampoos (brown highlights shampoo, volumizing shampoo) and I prefer other brands. With their make-up, same. I find it rather expensive, and I would probably think of any other brands before thinking of Yves Rocher as an option. Their lipsticks though, are good. Things I need to get my hands on: their perfumes and their sun care line. Looks like I have work (and shopping) to do.

Prácticamente he crecido con Yves Rocher, tengo una tienda cerquísima de mi casa y si tenía que comprar algo lo hacía allí. Empecé probando su línea para pieles con imperfecciones, y la probé tanto que al final acabé hartándome y probando cosas nuevas. Si, había productos más allá de Yves Rocher. Hace unos años dieron un makeover a la marca, con una nueva imagen y nuevos productos que hicieron que poco a poco que volviese a ellos. Entre mis favoritos, su exfoliante hidratante Hydra Vegetal y su Aceite Micelar de Camomila. De verdad que yo recomiendo a todo el mundo estos dos productos cada vez que tengo ocasión. Y si sois lectores habituales del blog, sabréis que desde hace muchisisimos años uso el mismo desodorante (Lotus Flower), que me encanta y que se merece un monumento. De su línea de pelo he probado varios champús (el de reflejos castaños y alisador) aunque ninguno ha conseguido que sienta mariposas, igual que su maquillaje, exceptuando los pintalabios que son top. Cosas que necesito probar: los perfumes y su línea de sol. Creo que tengo trabajo (y compras) que hacer.


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