Currently Testing: Phyto Repairing Mask

phyto hair care natural

I am totally having a moment with my hair, not to say I am totally obsessed with hair care. Last Sunday I was incredibly tempted to buy more shampoos (as if I needed more!) but backed down with the excuse I already have enough and payday is still far far away..

Honestly, hair care is my darker obsession. I can spend hours looking at shampoos, hair masks, hair treatments; anything hair related is likely to absorb me into them. You should expect then, there´s no safe trip to Sephora (also just discovered a new Sephora that´s so beautiful and big at Fuencarral, seriously you need to see it). Trying new products is my thing, give me all the new stuff and I´ll be happy to test them. The Phyto Repairing Mask was just one of them, giving me a sexy eye on the travel size counter and I could just not look away. In my defence, among all my hair care I did not own any masks so the purchase was totally justified. Anyways, I´m currently testing it to give you some further info and what I can tell you so far is that I´m liking it. I still need a few more weeks to try but at least I can tell you it does not weight down my hair, my number one concern when using masks and number one reason I don´t use them. I kind of feel my hair fuller.. I´ll report on this back soon.

El cuidado del pelo es algo que me obsesiona desde hace miles de años, sin exagerar. Yo soy de las que se pasan horas y horas en las secciones de champús, mascarillas y tratamientos para lucir pelazo; lo digo bien claro y sin ninguna vergüenza. Los viajes a Sephora hace tiempo que no son seguros, soy demasiado fan de sus minitallas, exactamente donde encontré esta mascarilla reparadora de Phyto. A ver, en mi defensa diré que no tenía ninguna mascarilla en la ducha, así que la compra está más que justificada. De momento lo que he probado me gusta, y cumple con mi number one requisito: no me deja el pelo extra suave (me gusta que tenga un poco de textura). También he notado que me deja el pelo con sensación de más abundancia, pero a lo mejor son cosas mías. Os cuento más próximamente.


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