Current Face Masks On Rotation

face masks on rotation

It´s a fact my skin has been the craziest is being in years. I have a feeling my poor skincare decisions a lot to do with it, my face is somehow screaming stop it and go back to the trusty stuff..

I´ve been trying a few new products and I totally believe they have given me the worst allergies ever recorded. My face has been itchy, red, patchy, dry.. anything bad, you name it. I´m kind of convinced I will overcome all of this if I go back to the simplest routine I know: double cleanse, moisturize, mask. Doing the latter has been a bit of trouble, you don´t ant to do anything harsh on already sensitive skin but if you have gentle masks, you should be safe. I usually do a few masks a week, a deep cleansing one and a hydrating one. First one to clean the pores and impurities and second one to seal everything in place and leave a fresh hydrated face. On my stash, the The Body Shop Green Matcha Tea, a few sheet masks of choice (Milk and Dr. Jart), Rituals Energy and Vitality mask and Don´t Look at me Lush Mask. All of these have been tested before and haven´t given me any issues, they are all gentle enough and still I can feel my skin clean. Maybe the TBS and Lush mask can be a little bit more aggressive since they also scrub the skin so I´ve been using them once or twice a week only. The Rituals mask I´m actually just getting into it, so I will report back on it (however I can tell you it is spectacular as everything Rituals does, do they ever do wrong???). Chilled weekends have been my motto lately so I´ve had plenty of time to pamper myself a little bit, something I´ve been loving so much after crazy weekdays schedule. Also, my mood has been so good lately.. I´m happy for no reason, which is indeed the best reason to be happy.

Mi cara ha tenido más reacciones alérgicas en estos últimos meses que en toda mi vida. He estado probando nuevos productos y al final mi piel se ha resentido bastante ─mi error. He intentado seguir con mi rutina habitual: limpiar, hidratar y mascarillas. Usar mascarillas ha sido complicado, no quería estresar más mi piel después de semanas de irritaciones y rojeces, pero usando mascarillas suaves nada debería ir mal. Entre mis preferidas, la de Té Matcha de The Body Shop, la de energia y vitalidad de Rituals, varias de papel (Milk y Dr. Jart) y la Don´t Look At Me de Lush. Parecen un montón (y lo son) pero las he usado con mucho cuidado y sin sobre exponer mi piel. Las de TBS y Lush pueden ser un poquito más agresivas porque son exfoliantes, así que estas las estoy usando cada dos semanas. La mascarilla de Rituals todavía está en periodo de prueba, pero ya os digo que me encanta (¿¿¿hay algo que Rituals no haga bien????). Últimamente me estoy tomando los fines de semana con mucha calma (entre semana casi no tengo tiempo ni para comer) así que estoy agradeciendo estos ratitos de relax y mimos para mí misma.


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