How I´m Recovering My Hair

how to regrow your hair

It´s been what feels like a few million years since my hair was normal. I have pretty normal hair, almost bending into the dry side, but shinny and in general good condition..

But I´ve been also going under a lot of stress, changes and that has made the worst about it. I started noticing little flyaways at the top and front of my locks, which could only mean my hair was breaking and I wasn´t noticing until then.  I had a little breakdown and panic attack, because I have a strong hair and this was new to me. I did a bit of research and took action. First thing I did was put down the heat tools, I haven´t used my straighteners for a month now and I can see a little difference. Instead, to make my hair soft and smooth I´ve been using a lot of hair masks and leave in treatments, like the Sephora overnight mask or any other masks I have around. I´m lucky although my hair can be a little bit wavy, it is very manageable and almost always stays straight after some condition and blow dry. Which speaking of, I do still use my hair dryer to take off any excess of humidity and to dry my hair, the damage of this is minimum and I´d look like Monica in Barbados if I didn´t. I´ve been using my The Body Shop bamboo brush for two years now and I wouldn´t go back to any other brush, its perfect for me and the little rounded bristles give you a little massage every time you brush your hair. Lastly, I´ve been trying again my Redken anti snap treatment and wondering why I haven´t used it in a while, finally remembered why. This stuff leaves my hair very soft, but also makes it greasier if I use it near my roots, just where I need to use it. I apply the tiniest amount of product on to my hair, and safter a day it looks I haven´t washed my hair in a week. However, I will continue to use this on my ends since I need to use it up.. Besides this advice, I must say, if you think your hair is falling or breaking more than usual, go to your doctor and ask them!

Últimamente he notado que mi pelo se ha vuelto un poco quebradizo, sobre todo por las zonas donde me paso las planchas: flequillo y raíces. Me peinaba y veía pelitos cortos alrededor de mi cabeza y no sabía que estaba pasando, tuve un ataque de pánico y me puse manos a la obra. He dejado a un lado las planchas y he abrazado las mascarillas para alisar mi pelo lo máximo posible, como esta de Sephora. He de decir que aunque mi pelo es un poco ondulado, en seguida se alisa cuando uso mascarilla y secador. Si, uso secador, y no hay nada de malo. Peino mi pelo con mi peine favorito de bambú de The Body Shop que tiene las púas redondeadas con las que puedes darte un masaje. Además, he estado usando (otra vez) el tratamiento anti rotura de Redken, y he recordado que deje de usarlo porque deja mi pelo más graso de lo habitual y no me gusta. No me queda otra que usarlo en las puntas y esperar a que se gaste.. Por encima de todo esto que os cuento, si notáis alguna cosa rara (caída, rotura) en vuestro pelo pedid cita con vuestro médic@ y preguntad!


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