Sephora Flame Red Lip Stain Review

sephora lip cream review perfect red

There´s two things that make my night out outfit complete: black skinny jeans and a red lip. After many years of nude lips -and by nude I mean bare- it has come the day were I cannot go out with a naked mouth..

I first started playing with wine lips, and then slowly reached out to more reddish colours. To be honest, I really love dark colours on me, and maybe those purple-y lips were not that good looking on me. Anyways, my recently turned 25 year old self knows what she wants and what she can rock. For me, matte lips are a must; if only, that´s the only look I really know. Matte lips are my fave, not only because there are smudge free but also because they (usually) last forever and there´s no need for touch ups -imagine your tipsy self having to touch up your make up at 3 am, I wouldn´t trust myself I´m telling you. The Sephora Lip Stain in Flame Red is with no doubt the best matte lippie I´ve ever tried -and trust me I´ve tried a lot. It has a matte finish without drying your lips and the colour stays in for as long as you want. I actually had a four course Italian dinner while wearing this and my lips were still perfect. Of course all of this would not be possible if your lips are not exfoliated and well moisturized, but we all know that. Now I hope they come up with a summer edition because I´m in desperate hunt of a peachy-orangey matte lip for the season!

Dos cosas definen mi outfit fiestero: skinnys negros y labios rojos. Hace años que no me quito el rojo de encima después de otro tantos años teniéndole fobia. Los labios mate son imprescindibles para mí, primero porque el color no se mueve y segundo no tengo tiempo de estar retocándome mucho menos a las 3 de la mañana después de un par de copas. El Lip Cream de Sephora se ha convertido en mi favorito, el color es perfecto y para ser mate, prácticamente no reseca nada a ver, un mate siempre va a secar los labios un poquito, pero nada que ver con otras fórmulas que he probado. Por supuesto, antes de usar cualquier pintalabios (y más si es mate) hay que exfoliarse e hidratarse bien, pero eso ya lo sabemos. Ahora solo espero que saquen una colección de verano porque estoy en busca y captura de un mate veraniego, así como melocotón anaranjado que resalte un poquito mi moreno de ciudad..


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