Sephora Coconut Hair Sleeping Mask

hair care coconut natural

Do I swear by cocnut oil, in all its forms and for all puroses? YES, yes I do. It´s a bond difficult to break as I am so converted to it nothing else, not even almond, avocado oil, olive oil, ANYTHING can beat it..

It´s not a secret I use coconut oil to moisturize my face and body, and I have also used it to cook (still not very keen on the coconut-y flavour). But on my hair, I rather use lighter formulas that don´t weight down my locks and still give it the maximum hydration (also you should read this ITG post on coconut oil and hair). My hair is so prone to breakage lately, I´m starting to feel kinda desperate. I have ditched my heat tools for a while and instead try to use leave in conditioners or masks to make it look smooth and straight. I wanted to try a leave in night treatment for so long when I discovered The Sephora Coconut Sleeping Mask and obviously it came home with me that very same day. It´s a nourishing and repairing mask, everything my hair need right now. It comes with the cutest grandma style cap and it totally makes you feel like a pro. No surprises: it smells like coconut heaven. It may seem a bit uncomfortable wearing this to sleep but I personally didn´t notice there was something on my head.  After washing my hair, I noticed it was silky and shiny, but honestly nothing any other masks can´t do. And considering this is almost 5 euros and it has two to three uses, I don´t think this is nothing spectacular. However, I do like doing this type of treatments from time to time just to keep my hair healthy, and I can´t get over how ridiculous I look with the cap on.

Adoro el aceite de coco para TODO. En mi cara, en el cuerpo e incluso a veces hasta para cocinar (cuando me siento un poco con complejo de master chef y quiero innovar). Sin embargo, en mi pelo casi nunca lo uso, prefiero optar por formulas más ligeras pero que sigan hidratando mi melena. Últimamente no se que le pasa a mi pelo que se rompe con demasiada facilidad ─estoy bastante desesperada, tanto que he dejado a un lado las planchas y me he volcado con las mascarillas para alisar y tratamientos anti rotura. Cuando voy a Sephora siempre me gusta probar cositas nuevas, como esta mascarilla de coco con gorro de ducha estilo yaya que tanto me apasiona. La mascarilla no me ha parecido nada del otro mundo, olía muy bien, y mi pelo bien también, pero nada más, ni fu ni fa. Aunque solo por el gorro ya siento que he ganado.


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