Re ITG: What Do I Do When I Mask?

vogue beauty

Disclaimer: I haven´t put on a mask for a while. Honestly, the first mask I´ve done for the last few weeks was this Saturday and it felt amazing..

I don´t do masks anytime, surely if you catch me with my The Body Shop Anti Pollution Green Matcha mask it will be on a weekend. I´m that kind of people that only mask on free days ─big applause for this beauty blogger. Saturday mornings or Sunday evenings are my moments to relax. I love taking my time to do a proper pamper routine and I do that exactly, take care of myself in most gentle way I know.

If other wise stated, I usually keep my masks on for 15 to 20 minutes, unless it´s some kind of hydrating masks like the Origins Drink Me Up or any other sheet masks (which I let sink on my skin as long as possible). The list of things I do while magic happens is long: clean my room, clean the house, read a magazine, write a few posts, watch YouTube, watch TV, do my eyebrows and do my nails. I always, ALWAYS do my nails on a Saturday morning no matter what -currently wearing Essie Wicked. Sometimes, if the mask allows, I will also snack on something (read: double choc cookies my absolute faves but also my worst addiction). Don´t you please think time is an ethereal concept for me, I know all of the above seems like too much to do in under 20 minutes but my routine includes two mask (a deep cleansing one and a hydrating one) so that makes almost an hour with full 60 minutes to spare. Tell me, what do you do when you mask? Do you as well clean the house with your mask on? Do you also snack like crazy? Please I need to know.

Hacía tiempo que no usaba mascarillas y no me había dado cuenta de cuanto las echaba de menos. Mis días de mimos son los sábados o domingos, y alterno según el plan. A no ser que la mascarilla lo indique de otro modo, normalmente suelo estar con ella entre 15 y 20 minutos, y siempre me hago dos: una para purificar y otra para hidratar. Esto hace un total de casi 60 minutos que me dan para: ordenar mi cuarto, limpiar la casa, leer una revista, escribir entradas para el blog, hacerme las cejas, ver la tele, procrastinar un poco y hacerme las uñas. Además, también aprovecho para picar algo (galletas de chocolate ultra procesadas y malísimas para la salud pero soy adicta y no puedo parar). Contadme qué hacéis (o no) cuando os ponéis una mascarilla. Quiero saber!


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