My Favourite Multitasking Beauty Products

multitasking beauty products

My beauty routine consists on five minutes in the morning to do my skincare and another five to do my makeup. The challenge is real. I´m constantly going through a million things at the same time so I can´t be bother to use different things when there can be one product that meets everything..

So my point is, if we, women, can multitask, why can´t our products? My main go to multipurpose product is this Sephora Brilliant Jumbo, which I reviewed a few weeks ago and that has been a real go to in my routine. Need a lipstick? Check. Need a blush? Check. Need some eyeshadow? Also check. I swear there´s nothing this product can´t do. Another go to, is my Filorga Universelle cream. Yes, yes, it has universelle on its name so obviously it is meant for everything and that´s why I enjoy it so much, because when I travel I don´t need a million moisturizers (face, body, weird dry patches treatment) I just need this one. A forgotten one, but possibly the best budget mask alive, the Yves Rocher Hydrating Mask, a shot of moisture for dehydrated skin, works perfectly as a mask and as an overnight treatment. Also, my sister uses this as her moisturzer on daily basis. I love anything that makes my mornings, daily life in general, easier.

Tres productos que hacen mi rutina de belleza mañanera menos cuesta arriba. Un colorete convertible en pintalabios (o viceversa), la crema que ha salvado mi cara ─literalmente- de pelarse por completo y mi mascarilla preferida que además de ser barata funciona genial.  Y bueno, ya que estamos, esta soy yo escribiendo (por fin) en castellano. Y es muy raro todo. Pero después de preguntaros por insta a ver si os gustaría leer carlotarules sin usar el Google trasnlator, ha pasado. Os leo siempre.


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