Where I was, Where I Am. Life Update


I don´t even know how to start this post because it´s been so long I didn´t sit down and write something (ANYTHING) I kind of forgot what it feels like to even have a blog. My inner (beauty) blogger is telling me however, I can do this, I just need to get back on track and everything will be fine..

It´s obvious I´ve been busy. And I´ve let everything fall around me with no intentions of picking it up. Re: the blog, the gym, the life. It´s always the same story but this time I have news: I don´t work part time anymore, I´m a full grown up adult that works full time with all the crap it implies. I don´t even have the time to do my groceries anymore and I´ve been living out of pasta for a few weeks now. I just wanna get home and laze around. I´ve been missing this blog more than anything but it takes a lot of motivation which wasn´t really there. Also, and not to make this as an excuse, last weekend I had a friend over so blogging was not even into consideration (ps.: I had a great weekend and so much fun).

What I´m trying to say, I guess, is that I´m coming back. I have locked myself in this weekend so I can write a handful of posts and this blog can be rolling again. I was in much need of a few chilled days so I reckon is the right thing to do. I won´t talk future because I can´t make it a point today, yes I´d love to say all will be fine but the truth is I don´t know. That does not keep me awake though, I rather not know everything and flow with whatever it is coming for me. Right now, the blog is directly facing what I surely want to do, so here we go.


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