Sephora Lips And Cheeks

sephora lips and cheek

I´m just getting started with blushes again. I don´t know, this is a phase or not, but my face has been loving some colour to it..

I bought this Sephora Brilliant Jumbo in Vinatge Pink, last year in summer (relevant right now) and I only just got around to use it. The colour, a beautiful dusty pinkish-peach, looks so dreamy on top of my bronzer, and gives me the perfect beach babe look in this deep winter season. It´s soo easy to use, its creamy texture makes it effortless to apply and it takes literally 60 seconds to blend. On the lips, it´s shinny and makes them look better. Even makes them look a lil´fuller. So good. Honestly, I can´t wait for summer, and warm sunny days. I´m on a loop and can´t think of anything else right now.


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