Kiko Fall 2.0 Mascara

kiko mascara big lashes

Probably the one word that would describe best these past few weeks is fall. You know about this if you read my last weekender and if you follow my moans on twitter..

And I could have fallen for this Kiko Fall 2.0 mascara too, but unfortunately it was not the case. Not because it wasn´t a good option, but because my mascara standars are higher than the sky. I always look for volumizing products as I do have pretty long lashes so I don´t really need the longer factor. I do, for a fact, love natural looking lashes on a daily basis, not too dramatic and with just the right amount of curl. I´d say this Kiko mascara is great for daytime, but for me it´s missing that bababoom I expect on my eyes on a Monday morning at 8 am before rushing to the office. It has a really short applicator that allows to really get on the root of my lashes and work on them. If you are looking for a lengthening mascara, this one is for you. Also, it holds the curl quite well, to be honest. However I could not fall for it, and I still haven´t found a mascara as good as the Clinique High Impact mascara (which I stopped buying because it´s not cruelty free, however I still reach for one I have from years ago when everything else does not work I know, gross).


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