The Weekender #50: We Survived!

formigal snow winter

January has been the longest month for lots of us, twitter made it clear for me and it seemed the longest lasting 31 days of my life. I hated the first month of the year with all my heart this year, I don´t know why, I simply couldn´t deal with it anymore..

The fact that February is here, and that Spring is slightly closer than it was only a few days ago has just lifted my mood incredibly. I´m so ready for warmer and longer days, the sun gives me life and I´ve been lacking of it. So, January was a rough month. I´ve not been feeling myself, I was a total mess. Like I was low on energy all the time, I didn´t want to do anything. I would just arrive home and be on the sofa all day. It was so wrong because I really wanted to be fine, but I couldn´t. I´ve definitely spoken on the blog before about my anxiety before and this month has been so bad.

Luckily, February is here to save us all. I´m feeling muuch better, and I even want to start the gym again tomorrow (it´s a step). Also, I finally am in the mood of writing again, I know I haven´t stopped posting but it was all more like a duty than a natural thing that has always being for me. The little trip we made to little snow paradise Formigal has been a reset for me. A new start to my year. It was so much fun, I laughed so much… I already wanna get back. My February horoscope tells me this is gonna be a good month, and I won´t be the one to go against the odds.


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