Fleurs De L´Himalaya Rituals Perfume Review

fleurs de l´himalaya rituals perfume cruelty free

For ages I´ve been trying to look for the perfct scent. I´m not a big fan of perfumes because, to me, all of them are too strong and eventually make me dizzy in any case. I know, I know, I still have not found that smell I can recognize myself with. It´s a difficult task, hey..

My brother perfectly knows I love Rituals. I intentionally let him know everytime my birthday or any special ocassions are near because Rituals just never dissapoints. Shower stuff, skincare stuff all of it. I´m a big fan of their Rituals of Shakura foam (you probably didn´t know about this heh) but this crazy little head had never thought of giving a go for their perfumes. Can you see when I tell you, I get pretty apprehensive when looking for a scent I don´t even bother to look at possibly- my favourite store ever? That´s my life. So it had to be him the one that gave me my brand new Rituals Fleurs De L’Himalaya, almost by chance, as he picked it up because it simply seemed okay. I am no expert, but this perfume smells incredible. It has a flowery scent with a touch of oriental spices, and apparently it´s supposed to capture a field of flowers in one of the highest points of the world, in just a bottle. Through time it settles on your skin letting very subtle and nice notes of jasmin and peony. For a girl that´s not a fan of strong floral perfumes, this came like the perfect one. Also, quick mention to the perfectly smooth bottle, with gold and pinky pastel details. I mean, Rituals could literally sell me anything at this point.


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