Empties #7

empties glamglow estee lauder

I am happy of being able to let go at least one thing: empty products. My struggle with tossing things and feelings- out of my life is a constant but for once I´ve tucked up my sleeves and got into it..

What I am going to do with empty bottles of random stuff anyways. Although I must say I´m really sad my Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum is gone, the aesthetic of the product is just too beautiful to throw away and I cannot rave good enough about it. Perfect in every sense and would 100% repurchase again if it wasn´t for its privative price (if you know any dupe, please let me know!!!!). My little Glam Glow ThirstyMud Mask has given me good skin days for a few months. I admit I´m so forgetful I probably have had this around for more time than I should, but it´s a goodie. It smells sooo good −did I stress on it enough?-, but honestly think there are a lot of budget friendly versions for it (try the Yves Rocher Hydrating Mask or Origins Drink Me Up mask). If you followed along my Christmas posts you will know my sister got me a few Korean skincare bits, and this Milk Sheet Mask is one of them. I liked it, my skin felt so smooth after I used it and as there was so much product I was able to try the serum for a few days more, totally recomended. Anyways, it´s eleven pm right now and my Ikea candle is almost burnt out, which means yet another product to the empties list..


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