The Perfect Dark Lips: Kiko Asian Touch Lip Liner

kiko asian touch lip pencil review

It´s no secret I´m a huge dark lips advocate since like, forever. Dark my matte lips, that´s my vibe, that only I have just owned a few months ago, because it´s winter and that´s the thing to do..

And it may sound weird because although I love dark lips, I don´t really own that many dark lipsticks. Whenever I like something, like my trusty bright red H&M velvet lip cream I become obsessed with it –that´s the way I love. It seemed difficult to go for another colour, but the cold was asking for it (one of the few times this sentence makes sense). Now as much as I love matte lippies, I need to tell you: I rather use a lip liner, for many reasons but being the most important one the perfect application. I am so so so bad at applying lipstick, my palms get sweaty, knees weak, arms become heavy; I certainly need a degree and some practical lessons. This Kiko Asian Touch Lip Liner in Silky Burgundy makes everything describe above possible: perfect dark lips, and perfect application. The colour, a flawless deep burgundy, almost black in the dark but pretty vivid exposed to brightness.  It´s smooth, streak free and now I know that bomb design is because it´s inspired in Asian chopsticks which you can use to tie your hair. I mean, what on earth could be more amazing than that -you tell me.


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