Rituals Ultimate Hand Cream Collection

rituals cruelty free hand creams balms winter skincare

My hands are always so dry it´s ridiculous. Like yes it´s so cold in Madrid and I´ve learnt to always wear gloves whenever I´m out and about but even doing so my hands are still like dessert Sahara any day of the year..

The drought is real. It´s not a secret I swear by coconut oil for everything but not for my hands. No-no. It simply doesn´t work out and I know this may be hard to understand but applying coconut oil into my dry limbs sets my teeth on the edge badly. Because they are so incredibly dry, the texture is the worst. Like, I don´t know why but that´s it. I´ve been dancing between this Rituals Ultimate Hand Care Collection and honestly I love them. The sets includes 3 balms, 1 hand cream with SPF, a night cream, 1 hand cream for her and 1 hand cream for him. Obviously a moisturiser is a moisturiser both for women and men,  the only thing that changes is the scent −a bit more manly for men that I personally don´t enjoy. They are all travel size, very convenient for travelling and easier to try them all and decide which one you prefer. So far, the three balms are my favourite, very very hydrating but not greasy. I love heavy creams so these are the dream. Also, needless to say they all smell amazing and I carry all of them in my purse just because. They are so cute, how could I not.



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