The Heart Opener Minimal Necklace

etoile handmade jewellery

If there´s one thing I´ve been in love with lately that is necklaces. And you know this is weird for me, because anything that surrounds my neck is sensitive to become suffocating and therefore unwearable..

But I´ve been trying to reeducate myself, thinking I am more powerful than my phobia of getting choked by a necklace, and slowly trying new ways of adorning my neck in the most minimal way possible without the urge of tearing it off. Stones are becoming more and more interest to me for the past few months, I´m just attracted to them. They have this influence in me, hard to explain. This Etoile necklace is made of the tiniest green/blueish amazonite, heart opener and intuition driver. Blocks away radiations  and protects from electromagnetic pollution, good choice to have around the house. When worn near your heart as a necklace, it balances heart chakra, I don´t think there´s anything better than that. The chain is made of nylon, which maybe is not my fave but also it´s so thin it almost looks like the little stone is floating around.

etoile handmade jewellery


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