Christmas Skincare Detox Routine

christmas skincare detox

Detox here, deox there. It´s one of my favourite words ever because it can refer to so many things. Too much food? Detox. Too much makeup? Detox. Too much tequila? Well, there´s not enough detox for that..

I´ve had so many new skincare bits this Christmas, and all shared a same theme: glow. that. skin. Like my face is usually rather good, is not break up prone and behaves well under stress except random dry patches here and there. But after days of misbehaving a.k.a. spending whole days at home watching tv, eating chocolates and not washing my face at all, there´s not a face that can bare with that, not even the finest one. I´ll first start my routine with my Rituals Brightening Exfoliator for mayor scrub. Then proceed with any deep cleansing mask around, I love my The Body Shop Matcha Tea one, you know I´m obsessed with that. Then, I´ve been going back and forth with two toners, both anti dullness and glow enhancers. I love the The Body Shop Vitamin C mist because it´s a good one to fight dark spots, and the Pixi Glowtonic is great for general good face complexion. To set all this in, I´ve been using the Filorga Universal cream. Now this is not my favourite moisturizer, it´s a bit to sticky for my taste, but is great for stayin´in days. Beyond all mentioned above, I´ve also started a body detox because right now there´s high chances I´m 99% made of chocolates and bread.


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