The Weekender #49: Hey, January!

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Hey, first weekender of the year! I think I´ve already wished you all a very happy new year but if you´ve been a bit mia these days this is for you, happy new year! Can you believe another year went by? I know, it´s crazy..

Like every year I´m the same, I can´t see where all 2017 went. Everything is going too fast, I´m finally realizing that. I´ve turned 25 (WHAT?!?!?!) and that´s been a real reality check for me lately. I know I´m still young and probably my baby face helps a little bit with that, but I can´t help but feel anxious about every f*cking thing. It´s been a hard week dealing with my anxiety, it´s been all over the place. It´s just the only reason I found for it (like anxiety really needed a reason to be there, it´s just always there actually) that I wanna be somewhere else and I feel I´m running out of time. Me, that I´m just in the place I wanted to be for so long, I´m feeling I´m not in the right place. Ironic. But things change, and now that I´m all settled, I want a career change, why not. I want new things, all over. Reading back the first weekender I wrote back in 2017 I understand every year it´s the same. It´s also being hard to get back to Madrid after spending a week back home, loneliness is not something I struggle with but I sure do miss home sometimes -and also makes me wonder if I really made a good decision, that I´m sure I did but my mind just wanders.

Did a few changes on Carlotarules, I got a domain and customized the theme a little bit. The blog is still not where I want it to be, but it´ll eventually come together!


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