New Korean Skincare Sheet Masks

milk one pack sheet masks

I can now tick off Korean skincare from my “to try” list. My sister, that knows me so well, picked up for me a few sheet masks at a local store here in Madrid when she was here and I didn´t even realise..

I was never a milk lover and will never be. I never thought of milk as a reliable skincare product (since dairy is the main cause for breakouts and acne) so having to try these A´Pieu sheetmasks is so exciting. Of course, like every mask I own they had to be anything hydrating. I don´t know why, but as though I´ve seen a lot of purifying and cleansing sheets masks they have never seemed appealing to me, maybe because I´m too in love with my clay masks that I can´t imagine a sheet mask (soaked on serum) leaving my skin clear like any of my other traditional masks. Just a thought, don´t know. The packaging of these also, is something else. So cute, even if I cannot understand a word they say as far as milk one pack goes. Eager to pop them open and try them.



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