2017 in 700 Words.

weekender menorca summer

Cheers to my best year yet. 2017 was electric, insane, full of madness and good memories. A year ago I would´ve call you crazy if you told me I was going to be living my life just the way I wanted to, just the way it was planned. And here I am, sipping on my hot cocoa mug in my little place in Madrid..

Trying to summarise 2017 in a post would be so delusional, it´s difficult to choose between the good, the very good, the bad, and the worst. Yet I don´t really want to make this post a crying post. There has been so many good things lately and through the year that I almost cannot remember anything else at all.

January was what I like to call “the start of it“. I had been thinking about doing the move to Madrid for so long, and after all the whole plan was drafted on a bus ride home after a weekend in the city. Just like in the movies. Fastforward to March, I met a person that I regret so much ever talking to, I was a fool and the lesson was learnt. Details are uncalled for, but I will of course tell you everything when I´m 80 years old and publish my memories. I rather forget about what happened between March and July-ish. Except Menorca. That was fucking epic.

Time went by, it was exciting and terrifying at the same time, anxiety overtook me for months but I finally did it. Madrid was calling, and since summer the beat was bigger than ever before. I needed an escape, I needed a change. My place, Bilbao, was starting to feel suffocating, I was not feeling myself anymore. Madrid was the change I needed, just in the right moment. I admit it was a lot of pressure, I left my job, my parents were not very happy about it but after all, it´s my life, no one else´s. Turns out I only found support from my friends and family once I got here. My mum is my biggest defender, deep down she knew I was going to be alright and she wasn´t wrong. It´s been four months now, I truly think I´m living my best version to date, and working to improve my self day by day. I am feeling happy, people notice that (if you follow me on insta you can catch up with my mums adorable messages from time to time). I don´t know, when you feel good it just reflects on your face, I guess.

The in-between, September and December was a “realisation season”. Realise what you mean to others, what they mean to you. Realise who you have been there for, and who has been there for you. September and October were difficult months, not gonna lie. I spent a lot of days crying, thinking about how things got to the point they were. I was hurt, people were hurt, but I am now quite zen as to it. I mean, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are back together (or at least get along again) so you just never know.

Speaking of never saying never, I have somehow erased a few words from my vocabulary lately, such as always and forever. It feels like they are two heavy words that are said recklessly and I don´t think they mean anything to me anymore. I´m just living the moment you know.. keepin´it real simple. Learning to let go has been a struggle during the past few months, but sometimes there is no other choice. Being far away from my hometown has helped me a lot to do so and I am grateful for everyone by my side, here and there.

2017 was a superb year for me −a few dramas left aside-, I don´t know how but I managed to achieve all my goals (I do know how, working fucking hard!) and I only wish for 2018 to be the same or better if possible. Wish you all the same: don´t settle, be happy and do good.




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