What I Got For Christmas

what i got for christmas

I feel like I always feel the same, but I can´t believe all the amazing presents I got this year. If you didn´t know, my birthday is on december 25th, so that´s one of the reasons my Christmas presents feel like a total stravaganzza to me..

But I always remember what my sister tells me, we don´t get presents any other time around the year, so the 25th is our day, period. And my sister is the best, she was the best before giving me my present but after she handed me my new Fuji Instax Mini8 became something else, a goddess I would say. Like, I would have never ever- imagined something like it, and she did it. She always surprises me, I don´t know why I am surpised anyways. Then, of course, there was a lot of skincare. This time I didn´t ask for anything in particular, but my family knows me so well. I got the Dr. Jart Ceramidin Serum, the The Body Shop Vitamin C mist, the Filorga Crème Universelle, the Rituals Vitality and Brightening face mask and a Pixi Glowtonic. Phew, that was a lot. Also, from my sister again, I got that little necklace and so many bullet journaling supplies, and pens and stickers and washi tape. She´s a dream babe.


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