My Favourite Accessories For My New Years Eve Dress

new years eve accesories gold minimal hm

If you´ve been reading this blog lately you will already know what dress I´ll be rocking this Sunday. This season I´ve been enchanted with anything velvet, it feels very 90´s and also it´s kind of warm..

Green velvet is probably the one colour I would´ve cringe a little bit about, I´m more of a blue velvet kinda gal. However, I couldn´t resist coming home with this one. I think it looks classy, and what I love the most about it is that it can look formal or casual depending on how I style it. My jewellery is mostly gold, it´s the colour I feel more comfortable with and always looks perfect, besides green and gold is a wining combo. On my neck I´ll be wearing my favourite necklace by H&M, which looks perfect with absolutely almost all outfits specially the ones that show a lil´bit of cleavage like my dress −those NYE night vibes, ya´know. It´s a fact hoops have made their comeback and god knows when the trend will be over. I love hoops but in all honesty, I look like Esmeralda in Quasimodo, pretty gypsy (which is a look I love but can´t rock). That´s why, earrings like these ones from Sfera are more suitable for me, as they are still hoops but not really. As if this everything wasn´t enough, I´m still pondering the possibility of wearing a few rings, because why not.

Most likely this will be my last post of 2017.. how are we here I don´t know. I got a feeling 2018 is going to be even better and bigger than 2017, I can´t wait!


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