My New Year´s Eve Makeup Menu

new years eve make up menukiko milano primark cruelty free

Merry Christmas you lovely lot! I hope you all had an amazing day yesterday, and you ate all of the food and more. I know I missed the usual weekend update but everything was just too perfect and wanted some well deserved family time..

Which was, like I said, a dream. I am now back in the city again, and travelling back home this week which leads me to a full week of holidays ahead, I really can´t wait to be back with my sister and family. This year is going to be nothing new, I´ll be meeting my friends January 1st and we will have some drinks and dance the night away. Every year I promise myself I won´t dress up too much, I simply want to be comfortable is that too much to ask for. My NYE dress is the same as my birthday dress, the one I found back in September, had a crush on and only cost me 13 euros. It was meant to be. Paired with some black boots, it´ll make the perfect dresedupbutnotreally outfit I am going for, or that´s how it looks in my mind.

I wasn´t even thinking of going for a full face of make up either −can you see I´m feeling very minimal lately? but then I found (again) my Sleek Matte Me lipstick in Old Hollywood and my plans diverted. I still plan on keeping my face very fresh, probably will follow with some bronzer and leave it just there. On my eyes, I´ll go for some shimmer shadows from my Primark pallete, nothing too crazy, just some neutrals to make everything come together. As for mascara I´ve been trying my new Kiko Fall 2.0 one, a good two −or three coats- will do. Before my lipstick and to complete the look, I´ll be also using the Kiko lip pencil I showed you in my latest haul, such a perfect colour match to the Sleek matte cream. I am digging a lot dark lips at the moment, and I am dying to try this look. Also, if you´d like to check out what these products look like in my face, I´ll be most likely documenting my night on  insta stories, so don´t forget to follow!


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