Kiko Metallic Eyeshadow, Your Christmas Shadow

kiko milani creulty free metallic eyeshadow Christmas makeup glitter

If you are a usual reader of this blog you will know I have a worrying obsession with blue/green colour. I think it has something to be with me wanting to try all of the different things this year and trying to step out of my comfort zone, that and the fact that my coffee tinted eyes pop with the slightest bluish green hue.. 

My mind translates Christmas to all of the glitter every time, so of course I could not have picked anything else for my makeup up this days. Only on special occasions though, I bring it on with my Kiko Into The Dark Metallic Eyeshadow in Overpowering green, the prettiest liquid eye shadow I´ve ever seen and it´s not bronze. I love that is has a little sponge for perfect application, it´s so easy to use. It goes on smoothly but you have to be quick because this sets up right after you put it on your lid, although with a little patience it can be blend-able. What I love about this is you can make a more sheer look by applying a little product and then blend, but also go for the bold look by applying and letting dry, and just blend the crease. As you can read, there´s a lot of blend action for this shadow but it´s all worth it. Like I want to throw on a red lip, but also want to smash with a powerful eye look. And since there´s a lot of food involved this days, I am thinking of ditching the cherry lips for some nature infused eyes and see how that goes.


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