Double Cleansing On A Budget

yves rocher skincare camomile

 This week, I don´t know where it went. I can´t believe it´s almost done, and holidays are just closer than ever. I´ve made a comeback to the gym again after a week of doing nothing and everything seems rolling..

My legs are really sore since Tuesday and I don´t see how I´ll be any better by Saturday. That´s just the gym life! I am loving routine right now, I always love routine anyways but lately I´ve been enjoying it a lot. There is something magical in knowing your schedule and that there won´t be any surprises. Yup, I´m a control freak. I trust my schedule; get home, have lunch, nap (sometimes), take off makeup with my Yves Rocher Micellar Oil, hit the gym, and double cleanse my face with the Yves Rocher Pure Calmille Gel while in the shower. Have dinner and then crash on the sofa while watching some tv.  If I am feeling really tired, usually on Fridays, I would just go for the micellar oil and ditch the double cleanse for a day, but I try to stick to it. The pure calmille gel can be replaced anytime, I don´t think it´s the greatest of them all, just an ordinary cleanser that does the job. However, this has to be the cheapest double cleansing duo in history, and it´s worth a try just because. As I tell you, this has been my go to skincare therapy and I don´t see any changes further ahead.


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