Pre Christmas Kiko Makeup Haul

kiko makeup haul cruelty free vegan christmas

Still battling holidays blues since last weeks five free days, there´s a feeling inside me that makes me eager for Christmas and spending sometime in my hometown. This is what it feels like to be with my sister again, after she leaves I can´t think properly..

We did many many things, which of course included some shopping. I admit I wasn´t much in an spendy mood, most likely because I have already done some Christmas shopping already and because sales are just around the corner. It´s like I want to buy things, but my mind refuses to be on sync with my wallet. That may be one of the reasons why if there´s any offer on sight, it just catches my eye −this has always been a gift to me. I love peeking into Kiko because they always have some sales going on no matter the time of the year, like for example this time: 4×2 on selected products.  We both needed a mascara, and decided to try their limited edition Fall 2.0 one. Then we parted ways, I choose one of their Into The Dark Metallic Eyeshadows in Overpowering Green and stepped out of my comfort all bronze zone. I really can´t wait to try this and review it, the colour looks ah-mazing. She went for a classic deep red lip liner from another limited edition, the Asian Touch Lip Pencil in Plushy Red. So gorgeous. I can´t wait to play with all these products, and since Christmas parties are nearly there (I have one this Saturday and another one next Friday) seems like the perfect opportunity to do so, green eyes, bold lashes and red lips. Go big or go home.


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