The Weekender #48: Sisters

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So today is my sister´s last day in the city and I am devastated we have to be adults and running away from our responsibilities is not an actual option for us. Adulthood sucks but at least Christmas break is closer than yesterday so not everything is that bad..

These four days have been so good, I am feeling de-stressed and  recharged for the upcoming weeks. See, I didn´t know I had missed her that much, yes, we used to spend a lot of time together but we have always kept our lives a different path. The last few years have been crazy, I went abroad, then she went abroad, now I´m here.. We haven´t really have that much time to spend together contrary to the popular believe lol. I missed laughing with her and we have bonded so much these days, is relieving knowing our thing is alive despite the distance between us. I think I am going to keep this post here, it´s starting to get cheesy and there is really nothing else to add.


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