Yves Rocher Hydra Vegetal Scrub For Glowy Skin

On to a few things that have made my life better these days, I must count in the fact that it was holiday yesterday and it´ll be holiday tomorrow again, my sister is here in Madrid with me and the city is the emptiest I´ve eve seen..

Which makes everything so much easier since I don´t have to push myself into the tube these mornings and I can sit until my stop. On your usual weather update, yes it´s still cold but it´s warmer than the days before. My face is much happier, also because I have been using the new Yves Rocher Hydra Vegetal scrub for bright and fresh looking skin and girls, this is good. First let me tell you Yves Rocher does not pay me to say this, I just think their products are spot on lately. Also, I did a kind of huge purchase last month so I have many new products to try and review. This one was the typical product I am so skeptic about, I don´t usually like face scrubs of any kind. But it hit me on my face when I tried it and actually liked it, actually saw a difference on my face, and actually had to eat back all of my unwarranted words about it −soz. It smells like clean and it has little scrubbing particules that exfoliate the skin without been too harsh, I use this once a week (maybe twice if I feel my skin is congested) and that´s all. This one works perfect paired with a deep cleansing mask, although you can also use it on it´s own. But since the air in Madrid is so drity and grimy, I always do both, the more the better.



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