Skin & Body Season Add-Ons

winter skincare body care natural vegan

If anyone is wondering, Madrid is freaking freezing. It´s been two weeks since temperatures have dropped to minimum, and my skin is definitely not taking it. It´s a good thing though that at least is sunny almost everyday, I am slowly becoming a sunflower looking for some sunshine lately..

Being completely honest, I kind of miss the rain and seeing this drought we are currently going through in Spain is absolutely necessary some water. Much like my face, which seems pretty dehydrated recently. Weather in the city is so dry, the heat is dry, the cold is dry, everything is dry around here. My face has started to do weird things like getting random dry patches around my cheeks along some bumps and redness, all in one. I admit I had a panic-ky moment because I really didn´t know what to do, so I went back to basics and trusted my dear coconut oil. This worked like a miracle, and paired with a little exfoliation from my The Body Shop Japanesse Tea mask it is gradually getting back to normal again.

I ran out of my usual moisturizer and decided to try one from my local supermaket. I am not picky with face creams as long as they do the job, hydrate. This one is probably not the best but for now it works. My hands are lips are so a nightmare during this season, they are always dry and I usually get little cuts on my lips and knucles it gets that bad. On one of my many Primark trips I spotted the all time trusty Vaseline pot and went for it. Best winter buy ever, and I´m not exaggerating. For my hands, I picked up the most hydrating cream I could find in the market, nothing fancy, just a thick cream that keeps my hands soft and chilblain free (this was just less than 2€, totally recommend!).


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