The Weekender #47: December

Quick post to talk you through my whereabouts this week and next week. Firstly, it´s December!!!!!! Where did November go? Where did October go?? Hell this year passed by so quickly I can´t believe I am turning yet another year older..

Which speaking of, I celebrated my birthday* yesterday and it was da bomb. I could not have asked for a better party, nor better people to spend this night with. I am so grateful to have people by side that are always honest and real with me through good and bad, even if it hurts. Really, we have each others back and that´s the best thing.

Next on, my sister is finally paying me a visit next week! We´ve been planning this trip for almost a month now and counting the days off the calendar like little kids. I always tell you about how liberating Madrid has been for me in so many ways, but lately I´ve been missing something I´m not sure what it is.. I believe having my sister in for a few days will give me the boost I need to kick off this year. I could appreciate a few days off right now as my body is already in vacation mood and there are still a few weeks left for Christmas break, sad! Blog wise, I will try to schedule all my posts in time but I can´t promise you anything.

*My birthday is actually December 25th! this year I turn 25! it’s starting to feel terrifyingly old! 


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