Model Co Contour Stick Review

model co contour stick

So I am terribly angry at my place for having such a bad lighting. Lately I cannot take a single photo I like, all of them are too cool -blue under toned and I am simply hopeless in my sorrow..

I can´t wait to be back home to take a few blogger approved photos. Anyways, the other day I finally gave it a go to creamy contouring, and got my hands in the game with my Model Contour Sitck. See, I knew one of the reasons I am not very keen on contouring is because it´s difficult to find a shade that doesn´t tend to the warm side like this one right here. I can´t imagine anyone using the Model contour stick to contour rather than to bronze, or at least that´s what I ended up doing. It´s a nice product, easy to apply and quite pigmented. And for me, a person who really likes that sun kissed look (even a bit orang-ish, not dorito like but almost), gave me exactly what I expect about a bronzer. The finish look, a glowy tan and awaken face.  I would say, though, it may be a bit dark for me right now, but I can definitely see me wearing this during the summer months. Most likely I would change the name of this product to model bronzing stick, forget about this misleading contour situation and bronze my face like life depended on it.



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