Three Blogging Mistakes I Make

lush skincare empties

I´m awful as a blogger. I am disorganised, never stick to an schedule and sometimes forget to blog. Matter fact, this post you´re reading right now is being drafted live right before hitting publish in a few hours..

Sometimes I think that is just life, things are not perfect and this mess works for me. But then I realise how I keep on stumbling on the same mistakes over and over again and that´s not funny.

Not sharing my work enough

This is probably the part I hate the most about blogging. Sounds so ridiculous because it is, why wouldn´t I  want to promote my blog (which I love)?!?! Who knows. Everytime I post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram my stats boosts. That cannot be coincidence. Also, on another note, sometimes people can be real assholes and that has backed me down from sharing some of my posts. But who cares though? Just do it. One of my most visited post this year was shared on Facebook and only had amazing feedback.

Trying to be like the others

Okay sometimes I wish I was like my favourite bloggers, with a huge following and an amazing curated blog. Sometimes I even wish I was any other little blogger with less followers but still with a unique style. Twist plot: you can´t be them, you can only be you. I like to think people read my blog because they like me as I am, and hell, right now I wouldn´t wanna be anyone else. Except for those insta bloggers that are in the maldives right now. I´ll swap for them asap.

Thinking you are not enough

My family is my biggest fan and I am grateful for that. My mum will always ask me about my blog and how things are going. That is so cool, but sometimes I feel all my work is pointless. It´s discouraging to see sometimes a certain post does not perform the way I want to, that I am not the succesful blogger I wish I was (kind of). I know things take time though, and never in a million years I´d have imagined I would have a blog that people usually visit, so there´s that. Comparing yourself to other is not bueno.

It´s funny how now that everything is jotted down I clearly see that I make all of these mistakes everyday, probably I will forget to share this post again and I will think why am I not like other bloggers again, it´s difficult to break distance from this vicious cycle. But I, you; got this, as long as we do what we want to do everything is fine.


2 thoughts on “Three Blogging Mistakes I Make

    • Carlota says:

      I know! I’m constantly comparing myself to others, not only bloggers, but at the end of the day I’m like hey, it’s cool to be me as well haha xx

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