Yves Rocher Sublime Skin BB Cream

yves rocher bb cream skincare natural

Samples are life and I definitely appreciate when shops allow us to try their products with no need to buy a full size. I am a hoarder, then, and keep all of them safe for special occasions such as travelling or running out of stocks..

The fun side is that if you don´t like the product it does not matter, no money was lost and you can continue with your life as if nothing happened. Pretty much what happened when I tried the Yves Rocher Sublime Skin BB creme. I already had a feeling I was not going to enjoy this, because this type of samples never match my complexion and this time I was not caught off guard. Immediately after opening my tester and swatching it on my neck I knew: it was too dark for me. Still I managed to make it work, look a lil´bit tanner than usual and head out to see how well this behaved during the day. I mean this is a bb cream, so it was light and sheer, natural finish. I was about to forget that it has a very strong scent to it, another thing I didn´t like and probably would be a reason why I wouldn´t buy it despite having my perfect shade. I´m kind of confused because although it says the shade is medium I can´t find any more shades of it (not even a lighter one) which is frustrating seeing that a lot of brands are coming up with wider shade ranges. I will share out the samples I have left between my tanner friends and let this be the statement brands need to step up on the shade game, I know you can do it!


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