First Impressions: The Body Shop Matcha Clearing Mask

the body shop vegan skincare cruelty free mask

Funny how I have been planning on trying Matcha tea for months now but never got the opportunity. Ironic though, because I really don´t like tea −I try so hard to love it, in vain- but the only way I can have it is skincare form..

If I could chose two skincare items to carry to a desert island that would be coconut oil (I know it´s not for everyone but I love it) and a face mask. Everytime people tell me they don´t do masks I just stand there gobsmacked. How can you not use facemasks at all? Even if it´s just once a month.. Everyone should do it. To the point, last week I was in need of a new mask, and walking past The Body Shop I saw just what I was looking for. A Pollution Clearing Mask? Yes please. When I opened it, it surprised me it was an exfoliating mask (my intentions were buying a clarifying mask in the first place, so I felt a bit dissapointed). However after I used it (previously to cleansing my skin) I understood why it´s called pollution clearing mask: my face was literally looking the clearest it has ever looked. Seriously, I looked myself in the mirror and thought is this magic? My pores had gone and my complexion in general was looking fresh and smooth. I didn´t think pollution could actually stick to your face that hard −even if I live in Madrid where we have a contamination cloud all over, I´m just happy I can defy it a little bit at least on my face. Also, note this is a first impression, so obviously I have only used this once, but I cannot wait to try it again, and again, and again.


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