The Weekender #46: Lost

the weekender life update autumn

What a week. Days in the office are longer and longer every hour that goes by and I´m starting to feel locked up..

I´ve been a bit hormonal this week, I take that. But also this mid-life crisis I´m going through right now is not helping at all the cause. I´m worried I´m not sure what I want to do in life, if I really want to stay in my office, if I´m letting go better opportunities because of it. I´ve been also thinking of maybe getting back to studying again, who knows -but actually if someone knows please hit me up cause I´m lost. Going to the gym has become my best therapy and the perfect place to forget the world. I really cannot think of anything else but “please no more squats” during my training sessions for at least one hour, I cherish that disconnection a lot since it keeps me going. On other things that are making my days better, creativity and words are running through my fingers these days and I´m enjoying it so much. It was ages since I didn´t feel so connected to blogging and I´ve missed it.


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