A Review: Yves Rocher Pure Calmille Micellar Oil

doble cleansing oil skincare sensitive skin camomile yves rocher

I don´t know if I mentioned this on the blog yet but it´s been two months since I started the gym, best desition ever made. I not only feel good, I also look pretty good if I can say so myself..

I am one of those people that can´t understan how someone can work out with a full face of makeup on, until I started the gym and forgot to remove my makeup myself. Silence is actually golden. But after my winter skincare haul I´ve got a new favourite and it´s just in front of your eyes. I love the Yves Rocher Calmille Micellar Water and I just started using it. I was curious about the micellar oil formula, and all I can say is this is perfect for all skin types and even more for more oily complexion. It doesn´t feel as heavy as an oil, but it´s definitely not as liquidy as a micellar water −something in-between. It smells oh my god, amazing. Even if this has camomile on it, to me it smells sweet as vanilla and is the best thing ever. My skin feels so soft after I use this, and then go ahead with a second cleanser to finish my routine. I wouldn´t reccomend this for very heavy eye make up, for a daily basis it makes the job perfectly.


13 thoughts on “A Review: Yves Rocher Pure Calmille Micellar Oil

  1. Andrea says:

    Yesterday I found out that Yves Rocher is a vegan company. I haven´t got anything from them in years, because they closed the store that was near to where I live, but when I heard the news I decided I wanted to buy from them again, and since you say such nice things about this product, I will definitely get it!


  2. Ida says:

    Hey 🙂
    Could you tell what the ingredients are? Because when i read on the Yves Rocher website, is says both that 93% of the ingredients are of nature origin and on the same page is says “Ingredients”: Camille. But one would think there is more than camilla since 93% is not 100 %.

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