The Weekender #45: Good Things

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This week has been a roller coaster. So many things have been going on, ups and downs, and all in all winter has definitely arrived based on my cold..

Which speaking of, has been a real pain in the ass. Last Monday I woke up with a rather sore throat, but I didn´t think it was anything strange. Usually when I go through very stressful days my throat aches for a day or two so it seemed nothing knew. However this time it was more intense, an awful cough mixed an “I can hardly breath” phase. I am now almost healed and feel awesome. A lot of nice things are coming in the next months, and I am so excited I cannot wait. I´ve got a few changes planned for the blog, my birthday month is around the corner aaaand this new year is expected to have a great start with a little trip to the snow on sight. Well, I can´t complain that life is lovely, and these are all good things. Plus, Christmas feels are all over the place, All I want for Christmas is oficially on repeat until new notice at casa rules.


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