Lush “Don´t Look At Me” Mask

cruelty free skincare lush mask blue

I truly believe everything I´ve been going through the past few months has really catch up on my skin. Add to the mix the cold I´ve caught this week and you´ll have a face ready to be treated..

You know me, I love a mask I can feel it´s working. And I love all-in-one products. Will a product exfoliate, deep cleanse and leave my skin baby soft? Then count me in. The Lush Don´t Look At Me mask (as seen in my top four vegan products post) has quickly become one of my favourite produtcs ever. Any time I feel my skin congested I use this mask to fix it all, as you may have seen on my insta stories (srsly, follow me for the good stuff). It is so cooling on the skin (like most of Lush masks, I apreciate the soothing effect so much honestly) and when applied you can feel the ground rice gently scrubing your skin. It is not harsh at all and you know how much I love a good exfoliation- my face feels brand new every time I use this and I only have good words for this baby. This one is also vegan really can it get any better?


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