Winter Glow: Catrice Sun Shimmering Bronzer

catrice bronzer cruelty free makeup vegan

Looking through the window the sun is shining, but the breeze caress´your face with a gentle but freezing wave. Winter has played hard to get but is not forgiving..

The natural glow I once had in Summer has been completely gone for a few months now, and pretending to be kind of awake has been a hard task. Because of my fair skin complexion, going bronzer shopping is difficult: everything is too dark, or too orange-y or just too expensive for a day-to-day use I´m sorry but I refuse to spend 30€ on a product that´ll be gone in a few months. This Catrice Sun Glow Shimmering Powder has been my go to bronzer the last few weeks. Looks very natural and not too orange, plus it has the tiniest shimmer to spice things up. The bad news is I believe this is discontinued as I can´t find it anywhere online, buut Catrice has launched a new Sun Lover Glow Bronzer instead (which looks a lot like the Milani Baked Bronzer by the way). Even if it´s just that way, keeping summer close is possible and real.


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