Bella Aurora And The Anti Spot Solution

bella aurora cruelty free skincare anti dark spots

Heads up: I don´t actually have dark spots. My skin is very light, gets freckles everytime the sun hits on it and I must be quite carefull about it..

I recently -a few months a go to be fair- started to get very concious about dark spots, moles and any kind of skin colour variation I could notice on my skin. I know this is something everyone should care about, but sometimes (myself included) it´s difficult to care. And when I say difficult, I mean I just rather not care because skin issues are something I take very seriously (and scare the fuck out of me) and as I am freckle prone you just never know. My mom adviced me I should get an anti spot sunscreen, and so I did. She also told me I should include some anti dark spot treatment on my routine, and I also obeyed. This Bella Aurora Anti Dark Spot Micellar Water is my first incursion into the prevention. As I told you, I yet don´t have any discoloration going on, however I can see my skin more glowy and clear since I use this. As a micellar water itself, it´s also good to remove dirtiness from the skin, but wouldn´t recommend to remove heavy makeup nor waterproof mascara. I´ve been into a proper sikincare routine again which makes me happy and kind of reliefs any stress I´ve been going through, I feel good and my skin feels it.


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