New Winter Skincare Haul

yves rocher skincare haul natural

Battling the Autumn blues with some skincare shopping is what I needed. I usually like to try new bits from time to time and being faithful to a single brand is not particularly my style, but sometimes new launches get in the way, and well..

On my route home from work I peeked an Yves Rocher little shop showcasting their new camomile range. Since it´s been ages I wanted to try the The Body Shop camomile silky oil (but never actually remember to buy it #facepalm) I guess my mind instantly decided it was the time to get some camomile skincare action even if it was not the original idea after all. I got the Pure Camomile Gel and the Pure Camomile Cleansing Micellar Oil, and I cannot wait to try this last one, very intrigued about the micellar oil  situation. Also looking for a good face scrub, I came across the Hydra Vegetal Refreshing Radiance Scrub. Not a big fan of their hydrating line though, but this one seems to be a good one and will report about it soon. The deodorant, you know the drill. Yves Rocher makes the best –in my opinion– deodorants out there and I cannot live with out them This time my choice was the Cotton Flower one, but the Lotus Flower deodorant will forever be my favourite.


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