Essence Nails: Black Is Back

essence cruelty free nail polish black

In fact, black has never been in. But lately, it’s been having a strong influence in my life..

Gravitating towards dark colours has become a routine the past weeks, yas autumn seems to be settling and that could be one of the reasons of this swift. Another reason could be what’s been going on with me/my feelings, that going for the darkest option offered seems just right. On my nails red was the queen, but since I bought this Essence Back to Black laquer there has not been another one. Week after week (about the time my mani lasts) this nail polish has been my very single option and I haven’t missed my red mani yet. Pairing feet and hands, back to black has landed and not planing on changing routes. You know the deal by now, Essence polishes are just great, great aplicator brush and great formula. Everything goes smooth and the finish look is a bright and shinny mani. I believe this may be my colour this season, you know, back to basics, back to calming down and back to the begining. All black. 


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