Primark Makeup

primark cruelty free makeup eyes bronze

Average Saturday evening shopping for shocks and blankets. Yes, I know, I like to live on the edge..

Madrid probably has the biggest Primark I have ever seen, or been in to. People goes everywhere and moving is impossible. Buuut, I´ve been feeling so spendy lately, I just need to buy everything. Shocks and blakets were a necessity, but that eye makeup pallette.. well let´s just say it fell in my hand and held on until I left the place. To be honest, I left all my eye makeup home, so I was lacking a good bronze shadow game. This nine shadow felt perfect and it was only 2 euros, can´t complain. They have a buttery texture, and although they are not quite pigmented they are easily buildable. Plus, they are cruelty free. I am concerned though, that this that I feel towards shopping (and never having enough) is not a temporary thing, and certainly I must do something. Currently doing a thoughtful reasearch at Shein. I got this.


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