The Weekender #43: Three.

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Three years ago I wrote my first post on this blog. It´s been a while and my little internet nook is still up and going..

I never really knew jotting down random thoughts in my head would be something I enjoy so very much. I started this blog with the aim of sharing my passion for beauty with each of you, and then became something else. Soon after, I also started giving little hints of my life here and there, to almost tell you everything about my ups and downs eventually. I kind of believe I´ve grown with you all, which makes me happy in a way difficult to describe. It´s funny because there´ve been times I was feeling unispired and times when I constantly felt the urge to write then publish, but never left this placed abandoned for more than a month. From publishing four times a week to slowing down to two times a week, to finally end up coming back on Sundays for your weekly life update. That is life. That is this blog. A bit messy, but with love. I just cannot stress enough how much I love noting down my favourite products, all my purchases and my routines. Hoping to bring you more each year. Love you endlessly.


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