A Few Autumn Favourites

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They had warned me, but I didn’t listen. Apparently weaher in Madrid is hella crazy, in a blink of an eye temperature drops ten degrees and that’s what you’ve got..

I’m just writing this post as I’m wrapped into my ligh jacket in the tube (testing this editing on the go thing) while blaming myself for not bringing enough winter clothes on my last home visit. There’s still time for enjoying the weather change though, but I like to be prepared —but actually not when it comes to keeping myself warm- skin wise. The catrice primer is a must for me, and lately I’ve been enjoying it so much, since it’s boiling hot in the tube every. single. time. and a girl needs her makeup to last all day. Another favourite of mine is this W7 Very Vegan foundation, light and so natural it basically goes unnoticeable. This is my second tube of my all time favourite cleanser Sensational Soft and now that it´s chilly enough to use a balmy textured product I ain´t going back. And seriously, the cold is real and for the first time in weeks I feel winter coming (please I wanna burn my candles already!)


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