Top Four Vegan & Cruelty Free Beauty Products

blue skincare haircare lush klorane cruelty free vegan

And turns out all of them are blue. There´s been a few months that I´ve been obsessing over blue, and I hadn´t realized how many of the products I own are that colour..

I must admit though that as much as I love the colour and unconciously buy every blue item I see, this post is inspired by Stephanie who gathered her favourite blue & purpled skincare products and shared them online. I wanted to put together my favourites with a little twist, all of these are cruelty free and vegan. First of all, you know my love for Lush skincare, especially their masks. After trying their lush brazened mask I knew I needed to try another one. This time I went for their don´t look at me mask, a gentler version of the brazened mask but also great for exfoliating. For my hair, Klorane is my go to brand, never dissapoints. Their volume line is so amazing (I´m devoted for that shampoo) and this voluminazing spray gives the perfect shush to my hair and still feels weightless. My eyes, deep brown but not black, to clarify-  always welcome some colour pop. Blue (what else) has been my go to makeup these days. My current favourites are the Kiko liner in mid blue, and a drugstore mascara in blue. All love for these two.

I´m hunting new cruelty products at the moment, soon on the blog..


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