Ikea Homeware Haul

ikea homeware haul

Home sweet home. My place is coming together finally, and although there´s so many things I need want to buy,  slow is better than nothing..

I never thought buying a duvet cover set could be soo difficult. I am a dummie when it comes to bedclothes and I´m not lying when I tell you I called my mum 50 times asking for help because I was lost in all the clutter. My bed, on the other side, is one of those rare species´ and does not have the usual measurements, another drama to add. I finally decided to call my own shots, be brave, and purchase the duvet cover set you can see above. If you´re in doubt too, just know it fits perfectly on my weird bed and feels incredibly cosy. On another chapter of “things I don´t need to buy but I´m buying anyways“, I bought two candles (vanilla and hazelnut & caramel) and a set of kitchen cloths. I´m desperate for the cold weather so I can officially start candle season!


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