The Only Nail Polish You Need This Fall

mercurial me hm nail poslish halloween autumn fall grey green

Please, please, please. Excuse my little chubby feet brought to you by a random heat wave in Madrid and endless strolls through the city..

The Mercurial Me polish by h&m is one of those colours I wouldn´t usually go for, but being october and almost halloween, resisting a dark pedi was difficult. It applies so easily with the brush, but the colour takes at least three coats to give complete coverage. Later I discovered that applied as a top coat on top of a black polish the finish is also great. To me it looks greenish with sparkles of gold to it, however my friends swear it´s simply a sparkling grey polish. In my opinion is just the magic of halloween stepping in and making us all see things that don´t exist. Also, the little bottle is so dreamy, I love the new packing of h&m beauty all minimal and gold.


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