The Weekender #42: On;

Maybe before settling in the city I had a different plan, but right now I wouldn´t change anything that happened for any reason. This week has been a reality check, started my new job, moved into my house and finally trying to close past issues..

My room is kinda little but I´m starting to make a cozy space step by step. I still have to figure out the place (so messy right now) but at least I have somewhere I can call my own after a month of uncertanty. I am so excited to show you everthing I can´t even. For now, stay tuned because there´s a little homeware haul coming to you soon. Speaking of past issues, I´m just too lazy to continue with all the sh*t, but I´m also determined to make things right even if that means I have to insist through days or months. It´s so tiring for me, because as much as I try to understand certain things, it´s impossible. Everytime I think things cannot sink any further, they do and the entire situation gets more pathetic day by day. Good thing is I have the right people by my side.


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